No evidence of file modification by Chain [SOLVED]

I just created a chain to apply Click Removal. It took 10-20 minutes to run on 42 files (each being one side of an LP recording). There were no warning or error messages.

Now, according to Windows File Explorer, the original files still have their original values of the [Date modified] tag (which are days to weeks old). Windows Search can’t find any other versions of these files on any of my drives/partitions, so I don’t think they are being written somewhere unexpected.

Does the Audacity Chain function overwrite files in place without updating the file’s [Date modified] tag?

As it says at, the files should be in a “Cleaned” folder in the directory the original files came from.

The original files are not altered.


Sorry, my mistake. I forgot to add the Export WAV step (D’oh!)

Right you are. Thanks, Gale!