No drum plugins registering on audacity

3 hours and 5 different plugins. Reinstalled and deleted. Used 32 over 64. Same result everytime. Save me time and tell me if these even work because everywhere.on Google says they work but apparently none have. I’m getting impatient. Literally following every step.on YouTube yet no result.

Given that your profile says you use Windows 10, I’m guessing that you are trying to install VST instruments (VSTi). As it says in the Audacity manual, VSTi are not supported by Audacity.

Hi Nocentz. Have you considered using sample libraries? Big Fish Audio and Loopmasters are 2 companies that offer heaps of drum libraries in all styles of music. You will need to purchase the samples/loops but it could save you heaps of time and frustration. Something to consider :slight_smile: