no drop downs

Recording device and Recording channels drop downs are missing. This apparently is not a rare problem with Win 10, but after rummaging around the net and trying several fixes, nothing works. One attempt led me to the conclusion that certain drivers were missing (not completely sure what that means,) But I hope a step by step approach is out there somewhere.

Thanks in advance for your answers

As Audacity starts up, it scans ALL of your I/O devices to see what is available and it populates these drop-down boxes. Unfortunately, if any ONE device causes a problem or hang-up, Audacity aborts this process and NONE of the devices will be available. So the trick here is to find out which device is causing the problem.

If you have any unusual devices such as HDMI, Bluetooth, gaming sets, droidcam, DFX software, Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer, etc., try removing them or disabling them.

Thanks for response. But I don’t know what an i/O device is, and I don’t know what a driver is.
I was hoping that i could be directed to a location that required a click on a box that activated this or that.
My computer has none of the programs you listed, nor any other programs that did not come with the computer.

But thanks for effort