No device

I just uploaded Audacity and started the prep setup. When I cked the devices window it says “No Devices Found”, what do I do to correct that??? Thanks for the help…


What is your device? What’s the job? What’s the computer? Did you plug in a USB microphone? Do you want to record YouTube videos?


Thats neat, Koz & a Jozz. I have a ASUS computer, Windows 7, Kenwood Control Amp & Kenwood turntable. I am not using the USB connection, my cable is RC on one end and a headphone plug on the other. I plugged the turntable in the Amp then ran line from the Tape 1 Rec to the Mic plug on the computer. Where is my mistake???

Probably in not using the USB cable. Mic inputs are not meant for high powered signals from an amplifier. Even if it’s a “compatible” input that recognises stereo line level it will probably not give as good quality as using the USB cable.

If you insist on using the external mic port regardless, use Windows Sound to show disabled and disconnected devices then enable the external mic.


That connection is typically mono, not stereo, so if you get a good quality, stereo show, you got really lucky.