No "_data" files?

Hi all- New(ish) user here. I haven’t messed around much with Audacity in about 10 years or so, in a very casual space.

I’m re-adapting now for professional reasons, but getting stuck with these _data files…

I’m on a Mac and have tried to search for the _data file folders for the 5 projects I’ve worked on so far, and can find none.

For a few, this causes issues opening them in Audacity. For the rest, it doesn’t seem to matter.

I haven’t moved the files at all.

Wondering where I can locate them (I’ve attempted deep searching my Mac using advice from this forum), and how I can ensure I’m safely saving here on out…

this is in reference to saving projects, not exporting

So in the old file structure, Audacity kept pointers in a rather small .aup file and audio data in various sub-folders off of a _data directory. Sometimes this separation caused problems for users.

Beginning in 3.0.0, Audacity is now using a unitary file structure, and everything is contained within a single .aup3 file. While the file is open a couple of auxiliary files may appear but these are deleted when the file is closed.

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