no clipping and issues track display

Ive been having multiple issues with Audacity lately..Im not a newbie but have been using it for several years with no problems.

All at once Im getting a flat gain limit on my recordings..will not show clipping the red lines have disappeared..Ive checked and unchecked the show clipping box several times and gone over all the preferences extensively.

In addition now when I try to record a 2nd track I get a blank track…no center line no cursor no waveform nothing…when I close the window I get an error message that says there is a latency issue before the project will close. When I do get this program to work [ after a fashion ] I have to turn my levels all the way up to get any kind of usable signal and lots of noise.

If you look at some of my previous post you will see some of these problem have been going on a while…I just bought a new high end computer…have been through 2 mics and 4 mixers…new cables…downloaded Audacity multiple times…nothing seems to help…as stated before Ive used this editor for some time..5-7 years I believe and nothing like this has ever happened..Im seriously thinking I`m being haunted by evil spirits at this point…totally baffled…can I get some help ?


If you’ve been around for a while, you know we like part numbers and detail descriptions. Which microphones? Which mixer? How is the mixer connected to the computer? You didn’t mention a digitizer anywhere. Are you trying to use the computer’s built-in soundcard? You might get away with that with early Macs (I do), but most modern computers may risk sound damage to a stereo mixer connection.

You’re overdubbing. Is ovedubbing still set in Recording Preferences. Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording.


I am using a Shure SM-57 and a Sterling ST155…5Elete Premier XLR female to male cable into a new Allen and Heath ZEDi 8 channel mixer...the mixer is connected to the computer via USB cable. \ \ I am not computer literate..I dont know what a digitizer is…I dont understand what you said about the has a sound card..that's all know. \ \ Ive only been overdubbing in the most literal sense of the word…Im trying to get a usable recording and I have been talking a lot of gibberish while I experiment with different settings..out of shear laziness sometimes I start a new track w/o Xing out the old one..sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt…sometimes all my tracks disappear…if I restart Audacity they reappear. I know about the overdub setting and most of the common settings overall but I`m not sure what a lot of them do.

Allen and Heath ZEDi 8 channel mixer

A very common mistake is to try and adapt your Pro/Rock Band microphone to the computer by plugging it into the microphone connection on the side of your laptop. It’s cheap, inexpensive and doesn’t cost very much. It also many times doesn’t work all that well.

I start a new track w/o Xing out the old one…sometimes it works sometimes it doesn`t

Audacity saves the Whole Show as UNDO every time you take some action. Even if you X out a track, Edit > UNDO should bring it back. Audacity also applies and un-applies effects, filters and corrections in order. Always. So if you need to UNDO an effect from three jumps ago, you may find that a recently deleted tracks pops back into existence. It can make you crazy if you’re used to a different program which doesn’t do that.

sometimes all my tracks disappear.

That’s much more serious. I got nothing for that, plus I’n not a Windows elf. We should wait for one of those.


Windows 10pro Intel (R) Core™ i7 8700K CPU @ 3.70GH 3.70GH Installed memory 32.0 GB 64-bit operating system x64based processor