No Change Tempo effect in the 'Effect' drop down box[SOLVED]

Hello. I am a new user. I want to slow down the tempo of a song (Come and Go Blues) so I can hear the notes played. I can slow down the speed with the slide bar, but the pitch drops, too. The forum says to use the Change Tempo effect in the Effects drop down menu, but I do not have that. I completely stopped the song - it isn’t paused. The effect box works, there just isn’t the Change Tempo option. I am using version 2.0.3 . I’m not sure how I downloaded it. Thx!

“Change Tempo” is in the Effect Menu at the top - not in a box. What happens if you press ALT on your keyboard then C? Does the Effect Menu open then you can see Change Tempo near the top?

This is the download site for Audacity .


That did it! There are two parts and either the second wasn’t loading or I simply missed it. Either way, ‘I’m in!’ Thx!