No Audio

Audacity is a fantastic service provided to the public. Thank you very much !!!

I have been using the same version of Audacity with a Vista machine for 2.5 years but recently, while editing a flute music file, I inadvertently touched keyboard buttons which caused no audio. I updated to 2.2.2 with no change. Other music files play well through Windows Media Player and sound recorder works.

Any ideas/questions for what I can try to do to regain the audio ???

Thank you,

Joe D

Make sure the volume slider is all the way up. Make sure you’ve selected the correct [u]Playback device[/u]. If that doesn’t help try all of the Audio Host options.

Do you see a waveform? Does the cursor move and do the meters move?

Hello Doug,

Thank you for your knowledge here. :smiley:

The audio problem appears to be fixed. My playback device was not on high definition. Prior to your audio fix, my computer audio level indicator did not match Audacity’s audio level indicator. I forgot to mention this.

Joe D