No audio

I just installed Audacity with my new AT LP120 usb TT. HAve been trying for the past few hours to get the audio working, to no avail. What am I doing wrong?

The order is important:

  1. Connect the turntable first,
  2. then launch Audacity.
  3. Look in the device toolbar and set the recording input to your USB turntable, and the output to your normal sound card.

Is one capable of monitoring the audio? I am now able to record and playback an audio track but not able to monitor in real time.

The best way to monitor is to connect the RCA outputs from the turntable to an amplifier / speakers (see the turntable manual for details).

Failing that, if you need to monitor from the computer, enable “Software Playthrough” in the Audacity “Transport” menu. Note that when using software playthrough, the sound is slightly delayed (usually by about 1/2 second) before you hear it. This is due to the time it takes for the sound to work its way through the system from the USB input to the sound card output. The main output of your sound card must be selected as the playback device in the device toolbar.