No audio while recording

I have a macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6. I’m using Audacity 2.3.2. While recording from a tape deck through a Zoom U22 audio interface through Audacity. I’m not getting any audio. I’m trying to get the audio through a pair of headphones connected to the Zoom U22.

I have both the “Recording Device” and “Playback Device” set to the U22. I’m able to get audio on playback through the U22, but not while recording. The instructions indicate that I should be able to hear the audio through the headphones.

I’d appreciate any assistance in obtaining audio while recording. Thanks.

Set the Zoom U22 to “direct monitor”.

Thanks, that worked. I have a question about setting the recording levels.

I’m not able to adjust the input level with the Zoom U22, since the gain is fixed if you’re using the line-in jack (which I am). In Audacity, the Mixer Toolbar Recording Slider is set to maximum and can’t be adjusted.

In the instructions, it says, “If the Mixer Toolbar Recording Slider does not control the input level correctly, or is grayed out on maximum, use the input slider in the operating system mixer device to regulate the input level. For instructions, see the further help for Windows, Mac or Linux.” I clicked on the Mac link and there’s nothing specific about the “operating system mixer device.”

Is it possible to adjust the recording level under these circumstances? Thanks.