No Audio when playing back

Need Help…I been using Audacity for several years, with no problems. Now I have a problem. If I import a WAV file, everything in Audacity looks like it’s working, except I get no audio coming out of the speakers. It only does this in Audacity. The problem started when Itunes downloaded an upgrade to there software. Windows Media Player was replaced with the ITunes player. I have fixed that problem, but still have the same issue with Audacity with a WAV file.


Set the playback device in the device toolbar to the playback device that you want to use.

I just checked at all the tool bars available. I couldn’t not find a tool bar named that. There is a bar ( Box ) that has volume controls for the speaker and mic, there is also a box to the right side that has nothing in it.


Start by giving us the information from the pink panel at the top of the page about your version of Audacity and Windows.

I suggest you install Audacity 2.1.1 from Half way through installation, enable (put a tick in) the “Reset Preferences” box. When you launch Audacity, confirm you want to reset preferences. Then you will have Device Toolbar.

From your description, you have no playback or recording devices enabled in Windows. If so, that is what you have to fix. See if you are on Windows XP or if you are on Vista or later.


Hi Gale…Well everything looks like it suppose to, yet it still will not put out audio. I deleted Audacity, then downloaded it again. It all come up like it’s suppose to. It load a WAV or a MP3 file with no problem. I play it, still no sound. But you can see the move and the level’s change. IS there any way I can call you or you can call me? I think that would help me a lot. Everything works like it’s suppose to in Media player and the HD player.

Thank you for your help.


Audacity doesn’t have live support. We’re all volunteers across nine time zones that stop by the computer every so often and answer questions.


This problem is really driving me crazy. At this point other than re-formatting my hard drive and reloading a ton of software, I don’t see any other way to fix the problem. I have looked for the the device page I was told about and it’s completely different on my computer. The problem didn’t start until I did an upgrade of Audacity and Itunes. I talked to I tunes yesterday and that fixed part of a problem. They think the problem is with Audacity.

Larry, let’s get this clear. We cannot see your computer. So, we cannot help you unless you are prepared to tell us what version of Windows you are using. :wink:

There should be no need to reformat the drive. If you do that, you may have to reinstall the audio and video drivers for the computer before you can have proper audio and video again, even in Windows Media Player.

You will see one or other of the audio device control panel dialogues we mentioned on Windows. That depends what version of Windows you actually have.

If you have the wrong download of Audacity, you won’t see what we are expect you to see in Audacity. Once again, I suggest you install Audacity 2.1.1 from

Follow the next steps exactly. Half way through installation, enable (put a tick in) the “Reset Preferences” box. When you launch Audacity, confirm you want to reset preferences. Then you will have Device Toolbar in Audacity exactly as we are telling you.

If you had audio devices enabled in Windows, Device Toolbar in Audacity 2.1.1 would look something like the below:

Note that in iTunes you cannot choose audio devices. iTunes uses whatever is the Windows default playback device.

In Audacity you have to choose the playback device. If you choose a playback device that is not connected, you will hear no audio.