No audio streams exported when using Export2

On Ubuntu 18.04, I’ve compiled the current alpha version (2.3.1, evening of 1/10/19) with mod-script-pipe enabled. I’m able to use almost all of the commands (that I’ve tried so far) successfully. However, I can’t get Export2 to export with sound. I get a file output with the correct name, but a size of only a few hundred bytes (which appears to be the [correct] metadata, as it shows up with mediainfo), and no audio streams. No window appears to show export progress in the program. Using the Export dialog I can successfully export with the same track, name, etc.

Here’s the command I’m using:

Export2: Filename=test.m4a NumChannels=2

Congratulations. :slight_smile:

That “should” fail. The filename needs to include the full path, so something like:

Export2: Filename=/home/smartflutist/Music/test.m4a NumChannels=2

Also, there could be a problem with m4a export, depending on the build of FFmpeg. I’d suggest testing it first with a format that is natively supported by Audacity (such as WAV).

Thanks, it helps actually… you know… following the instructions. :smiley:

A bit more testing showed me the issue.

Export2: Filename=test.m4a NumChannels=2

doesn’t fail, it just saves the file wherever you are running Audacity from (of course, I expect there would be potential permissions issues, but not likely to be a problem for self-compiled). However, a previous command de-selected all of the tracks in my project, so the export was doing exactly as I asked and exporting exactly nothing. Adding


or whatever is appropriate before every export is the safe way to do it.

Yes, I expect so, though I’ve not actually tested that on a fully installed version on Linux.
(my test version of 2.3.1 is within my “home” user space.)

:smiley: Glad you found it - that could have kept us going for a while.