I am recording off my turntable through my Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB but am getting no audio waves in the meter… I can hear the audio and it is playing through my monitors its just not showing audacity… I have my lines set in audacity to my Scarlett6i6 and still nothing, any suggestions?

Do you have a “real” analog turntable like an SL1200, the analog portion of a USB turntable, or are you using that as metaphor for your dance system? The 6i6 does not have a built-in phono preamplifier, so if you have a real turntable, the music will be delivered with the vinyl RIAA distortion which you will have to remove in post production. Also there is no place to plug the thin, black turntable ground cable, so the music may have hum or buzz on it.

I’m flying a little blind here, but I believe the 6I6 requires ASIO interface software to do all of its tricks. Audacity doesn’t directly support ASIO. So if the turntable connection doesn’t appear on Scarlett channels 1 and 2, I don’t think it’s going to make it.

It’s possible to build Audacity from parts with ASIO software built-in. Did you already do that?


I am using a Numark TTX going to the inputs on my 6i6 … No I didn’t build from parts with the built in software, not too sure what you mean by that

Don’t worry about it.

Numark TTX

That’s the discontinued analog one right? How did you connect them? 6i6 Instrument input with adapters?? Where did you connect the thin black ground wire?

The connections on the back of the 6i6 appear as channels 3 and 4. I think you need the driver software to get that to work. You should be able to plug 1/4" instrument plugs into the middle of the two microphone connectors on the front. That should show up as the instrument input on channels 1 and 2 and not need the fancy driver.

How did you do it?


I connected them with adapters to inputs 3 and 4 … I’ve downloaded all the necessary drivers though what others do I need ?

What other driver do I need?

I think Koz means the Scarlett Mix Control but in my opinion you should install that anyway.

It would be much simpler if you can use inputs 1 and 2 on the Scarlett.


The Mic inputs? I would need a XLR/TRS with an adapter to AUX

I believe what Koz is saying is that inputs 1 and 2 may be all that Audacity will see unless you at least install Scarlett Mix Control. If you have not installed that, I strongly suggest you do so.

Inputs 1 and 2 are combi XLR mic/line/instrument inputs so you can use those for line level (yes, with a TRS > XLR adaptor). You may find it useful to read the 6i6 guide:

If you want to try recording into inputs 3 and 4, have a look in Mix Control to see if you can set it to send Inputs 3 and 4 to the computer. If you still have problems after that, open Help > Audio Device Info… in Audacity, right-click in the window > Select All, then copy and paste the information here.


(yes, with a TRS > XLR adaptor).

While you can do that, I believe you can push a 1/4" plug directly into the middle of the XLR-3 female. They’re combo connectors. See the hole in the middle is bigger than you think it should be (attached)? I think they also shift amplifiers if you do that. The guitar connection doesn’t go through the MicPre. The volume controls either don’t do the same jobs, or maybe they don’t do anything at all.


Yes, the 6i6 manual ( ) confirms that:

Inputs 1 and 2 – XLR Combo type input sockets - connect microphones, instruments (e.g.,
guitar), or line level signals via XLR or ¼” (6.35 mm) jacks as appropriate. Either ¼” TRS
(balanced) or TS (unbalanced) jack plugs can be used for instruments or line level signals.


I have the Scarlett Mix Control downloaded, not sure about being able to send inputs 3 and 4 to the computer… I do have an adapter for the TRS into the inputs 1 and 2

I am able to get sound and record with an xlr to trs through input 1 with sound just out of the left

If you are still recording the turntable you will probably want to connect the left channel 1/4 inch plug into Input 1 and the right channel 1/4 inch plug into Input 2. The TRS to XLR adaptor would need to have two XLR plugs (or you need two adaptors) to record in stereo.

How it works is that if you have Audacity set record in stereo and only have input 1 connected, you will record with a silent right channel. When you are recording only input 1, you can set Audacity to record in Mono (1 channel) in Device Toolbar.

If you record only Input 2, you will probably need to set Audacity to record in stereo, which will record silence in the left channel. Then use the Track Drop-Down Menu to Split Stereo to Mono and click the [X] on the upper track to close it.

If you record only input 1 in stereo you can use the same technique to Split Stereo to Mono then close the empty lower track.

When there is one mono track, it will play out of both speakers or headphones.