No audio output from recorded message

I have Windows 11 and Audacity 3.2.1. I have recorded messages on audacity. but am unable to hear them as audio files (mp3 files) from Audacity. I m able to listen to the fines on Media Player. I am also able to listen to the audio file from Audacity on my Windows 10 computer. I’ve tried all the options on Audio set up, Ive tried various speakers and also a headphone. The tool bar indicates there is an audio signal. I’m lost!!! Franchesco

Perhaps you have the audio turned down. The volume control overlays the colored meter display.

Also, check your output device in Audio Setup.

Do you have blue wiggly lines on the timeline? If you do, then you have sound and you’re just doing something wrong. If you have no blue waves, then you didn’t actually get a good show.

Do you have Windows set to show you filename extensions? Do your names look like mysoundfile.mp3, or just mysoundfile? Showing extensions may seem useless and messy until you start having trouble and the extensions tell you things about your show.

That can be valuable in troubleshooting. There’s a number of posters on the forum who had trouble playing their MP3 files that turned out not to be MP3.


how can i uninstall the files in the windows

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