No Audio monitoring during recording

Initially, I used my Windows 10, v1901, desktop Asus PC and USB turntable to record/edit LPs using Audacity v2.3.2. I encountered no problems, Audacity preferences, input, output, Windows Sound Panel, all set and operational including audio monitoring during recording. Then, I decided to use my HP laptop running Windows 10, v1801,for this purpose (due to space limitations), with all of the previously mentioned settings I thought to be correct. This setup recorded fine, played back fine, but no audio output during recording. Neither via speakers nor headphones. The same result occurred when I used an alternate Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 v1901. I’m really at a loss as to what may be the problem with the audio monitor settings on the two laptops that I don’t have with the desktop. I’ve installed the latest v2.3.2 on all machines.

Turn on [u]Software Playthrough[/u].

Thanks a lot for that link, I could’nt maket it too until I saw this