No audio input from Korg Zero 4

I’m using this program for a long time with the card edirol UA-4FX and everythig works fine.
I just bought a mixer korg Zero4 with the firewire interface.
I have connected the mixer to mac, the software recognizes the driver, but does not enter the audio.
Can you help me please?

Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input.

Does your device appear in that list? Select it and see if the bouncing blue ball sound meter works. If not, then the device may be broken. Audacity is a slave to whatever the computer is doing. If the computer has no sound, you should figure out why that is.


Thank you for your reply
The device driver called Zero4 (0194) appears in audacity input pop-up and in Mac sound input too.
I’ve checked, the bouncing blue ball sound meter works fine.
I’m sure that the mixer works, because I use it with traktor scratch pro…