No Audio Heard when files are Exported [SOLVED]

Version being used 2.0.6 - From .exe file from Audacity website


I have been attempting to help my father to download audio from vinyl records onto his Windows 8.1 computer using a Neostar NTCD1V turntable device with USB-to-PC Recording.

The Neostar device & manual all recommend and have step-by-step guides to using Audacity to record and save the audio. Albeit the version shown in the manual and supplied is Audacity version 1.2.6 but as my father cannot remember if he still has the disk and cannot find the USB cable that came with the machine, I downloaded the most recent Audacity version (2.0.6) from the website, and used my own USB cable that’s appropriate to the device.

Everything seemed to be going well with installation, installing and recognising the lame_enc.dll file, and in recording files (with the Recording Volume setting at 0.50 and Playback Volume at 1.00) through Audacity - they recorded successfully and I was able to played back the recordings and hear them within Audacity.

The problem has arisen in exporting the recorded audio. Exporting to MP3 and WAV through Export Audio and Export Selected Audio all output files that have no audio that can be heard, and I have tried to play the exported files through different software (Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc). I have tried recording both with the Software Playthrough option checked, and then unchecked but both have resulted in the same outcome when the audio has been exported - files with no audio that can be heard.

I am hoping this issue can be resolved for the benefit of my elderly father who is getting frustrated with these problems - he is not very computer savvy and expects everything to work right out of the box even after I explain things to him.

Thanks in advance.

You probably need to reset the Windows default playback device to the headphones or speakers that you are trying to use:

If you disconnect the turntable when the computer headphones/speakers are the default playback device in Windows Sound, then Windows should not change the default playback device to the turntable next time you plug it in.


That was the exact problem! Changed the settings and now I can hear the files.

Thanks for the assistance :smiley: