No audio after publishing in Articulate Storyline

I just completed the development of an online learning module in Articulate Storyline and recorded the audio with Audacity. I imported the audio wav files into the storyline module and all is good. When I preview the module, the audio is there and sounds good. However, in order to get subject matter experts (SMEs) to approve the module before it goes live, I published it to the web and created a link that the SMEs can click on to be able to download the module and review it. The module downloads, but the audio doesn’t. What in the world is happening?


Are the sound tracks stereo (two blue waves)?


No - they are mono.

but the audio doesn’t.

The audio doesn’t download, or it downloads but it’s silent?

I published it to the web

How? If you produced an Audacity default WAV (44100, 16-bit, stereo or mono), that should open anywhere. If you created a custom sound file, then we need to talk.


I recorded each slide/page and then saved as a wav file…then I inserted the wav file in the slide/page. So not sure why this is not working…it may have something to do with the web link that the SMEs click on that is prohibiting the audio…

If you think we’re both on here at the same time, keep refreshing the browser to reveal new postings (if any).

And this all worked perfectly the last time you did it?

A WAV sound file in a posting is a little unusual for web work. Did you contact the SMEs? Did they have anything to say about it? Is there a manual or instructions on the posting system? How did you know to get as far as you did?

We have to build your system in our imagination to figure this out.