Nightmare with Audacity - again [SOLVED]

This is the second time I have had problems with this software, Ver 2.0.3. I get a flatline when trying to record. I can hear the audio thru the monitor jack without any problem, but the Laptop refuses to ‘hear’ anything at all. Nothing on the sound level meters, Nothing at all. I know it’s finger trouble, but it is really frustrating. Any help will be gratefully received.


It probably won’t solve your problem, but you should update to the current (2.1.0) version, which is available here:

If you’re getting a flat line recording, then you probably have the wrong recording input selected in the device toolbar. Set the recording input to whichever input you are wanting to record from.

If there is still a problem, check that the recording volume is turned up in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

Many thanks. It was the recording toolbar that wasn’t set properly. Having downloaded the most current version (2.1.0) and adjusted this parameter everything is now working.