nightmare way before xmas

I make a 1 hour music radio show every week and have done so for the past 3 years. Tunes From Turtle Island (.eu) I’ve always used Audacity and love it.
Never before have I had to ditch a new audacity release, but is an absolute nightmare. I finished my weekly show which can take 2 to 3 hours of audacity time this one on has taken 5 or 6 and I eventually quit and used my old version to finish it off. Am I disappointed? just a bit :astonished: (sarcasm)

Firstly this looping thing is infuriating instead of just playing when you click on the quick play bar it creates a loop thingy which, as I have never needed and don’t want (and cant find anywhere to turn it off) is just more clicks to get rid of it.
Then this new time shift tool is another nightmare when I drag in a little clip of say, 4 seconds that is a new track and has to be at the 30 min mark I cannot drag it unless I maximise the size of the window to be able to grab it using the bar at top of the track. Then to get it to 30 mins I have to drag it to the right of the window then move the window and again drag the track, so at least 12 operations instead of about 4 with the old tool.
Also Im not able to put the cursor/playhead on a track unless its full size (not minimised and as Im working with up to 20 different tracks its a pain in the arse maximising anytime i want to move the playhead to a new position on a track
Its well late now. Its past midnight and I usually finish between 6 and 7pm There are other things Ive forgotten now as Im tired but I really hope the next build will make this dogs dinner better.

sorry but its really frustrating to find the tool (that has been brilliant in the past) is so messed up now
remember not everyone who uses audacity is a music mixer some of us make other musical things

The developers are aware of this issue.

If you very carefully click on the timeline, taking great care to not drag the mouse pointer while clicking, then you get “quick play”, but if the mouse pointer moves left/right while clicking, then it creates a “loop region”.

Others have also complained about this usability issue.
I think the developers intend to fix this by ignoring small drags while clicking, so that the “loop thingy” only happens if you click and drag more than a few pixels. (I have not yet tested this proposed fix, so I can’t comment on how well it works).

I’m not sure that I understand the problem that you are describing.
In this screenshot I have a 3 second clip, and the displayed track length is about 50 seconds. I can quite easily drag the clip to the right by 30 seconds or more, so I’m not seeing the problem. Perhaps you could give more detail, or perhaps a screenshot to illustrate.

I agree that this is a serious usability issue for anyone working on large multi-track projects. I have already brought it to the attention of the developers. I am not aware of any proposed solutions yet.

Thank you for your feedback on these issues. Please do give feedback on any other issues that you recall so that we can provide feedback for the development team.

Doh! I misread your post - you said “30 mins”, not 30 seconds.
However, when testing with 3.0.2, it’s not that easy to drag such a short clip with the old Time Shift Tool either. :confused:

I agree that it is a bit easier with 3.0.2 because in 3.1.2 it’s too easy to resize the clip rather than drag it - is that the problem that you are finding?

wow that was quick thanks Steve

yes I cant get a hold of the clip so have to maximise (or zoom in) so window is about 4 or 5 mins long, then move clip then move window another 4/5 mins and drag clip to the right and then again and again. in 3.0.2 I could zoom in to around 15 mins and be able to grab the 4 sec clip, still not great but a lot easier.

again thanks for the reply and I hope the devs take in this as I really do love Audacity. Actually I first made radio progs way back in 2004 using it.
cheers Andrew

Thanks for the clarification. I have logged this issue for the development team.

:smiley: That’s around the time that I started seriously using Audacity.

Finally I found a way to overcome this issue I highlight the track then cut (ctl X) it and then paste it where roughly it should go on the same track