newly installed device stopped recording

Just opened my newly purchased Super USB Cassette Capture device. Connected to Laptop & Installed Audacity. Changed preferences as instructed. Began recording an old music cassette. Great for 3 or 4 tracks, then stopped recording, while device is still properly playing following tracks. Stopped everything. Uninstalled Audacity, uploaded newest software version of Audacity for WIN 10 & installed. Edited preferences. Replaced the cassette with another. First, just played music to make sure cassette is OK. Cassette is fine! Rewound the cassette, pushed Play on device, pushed Record on Audacity. Music is playing loud & clear, but no recording!!! Is the device defective (brand new)??? or am I missing something?

Edited preferences.

Have you selected the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u]?

What’s happening? Are you getting a silent “flat line” recording? Are you getting an error? Are the Audacity meters showing anything?

Music is playing loud & clear

Through the computer? …You don’t always hear the same thing as what you’re recording but if you’re getting sound through the USB port into the computer, that’s a good sign!