Newly Downloaded Audacity Won't Offer me File Types to Save

Hiya, glad to have joined this forum. The latest cleaning of my computer destroyed Audacity so I downloaded and set up again today. The new Audacity seems to record fine but when I try to export it doesn’t seem to offer any files types (mp3, wav etc.) so won’t allow me to export a project. Audacity 3.4.2 64 bit, running this in latest windows on a PC - haven’t had a similar problem in years of doing this.

It’s been moved to the Export Dialog Window where it says “Format”.

Thanks - sorted it and it’s working now. Tbh this was a combi of the detailed online advice (incl. downloading MMpeg) and then me doing some common sense stuff. MMpeg download didn’t seem to help, but when I thought to copy that download and drop it into the new Audacity folder the programme started behaving itself again.

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