newest version doesnt work? cant overdub

i am so sorry to bother…but I’ve spent hours…as well as looking at the manuals

it says the default recording is after the end of the track

despite changing/setting preferences to overdub

it refuses to overdub

this is a new computer and i am using mixed down mp3s as a stereo track to overlay

Help!! a ahahahahha :open_mouth: :ugeek: I just downloaded the newest version on windows 10

There are two recording key variations. Shift-R and R. One records at the end of the existing track and the other starts a new track under the old one. that last one is the one you want for overdubbing. Does that get you going?

But before that,

Note in the overdubbing instructions, step one is make a clean, normal recording and play it back. Doesn’t matter what. Read the breakfast cereal box into the microphone. If you can’t get that to work, you will never get overdubbing to work.


Thank you so much Koz!! Yes…i was able to record a clean vocal…and lo and behold I was able to get it to over dub right after I submitted my post…but now…the vocal is not dry at all…I think I am noticing what another vocalist posted,I’ll post on that thread now…Thanks Again! :smiley: