Newby: No sound being picked up by software

Hi, I’m not familiar with this programme, and am a bit of a luddite with pc’s generally.

I’ve downloaded the audacity software… have a new induction mic which plugs into the side of my laptop…I’ve made sure the recording devices are enabled on my laptop, but no sound input is showing on the audacity software at all…and am now stumpted as to what to do to resolve the issue. I tried using a different mic but the same thing occurred…no sound at all being picked up by the audacity software. I must be doing something wrong but can’t work out what. Any help would be sooooooooooo appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t know what you mean by “induction mic”.
Does it plug into a USB socket or into a small round “Mic in” socket?

The microphone needs to be selected as the recording input in the device toolbar.
You also need to check in the Windows Sound Control Panel that the microphone is enabled and that the recording level is turned up. You should be able to see green bars in the vertical audio meter on the recording device page of the control panel that respond to you talking into the microphone.

Hi Steve. Thanks very much for your reply.

It’s called an induction coil mic… it plugs into a small hole in the side of the laptop.

I’ve selected mic as the recording input, have enabled the microphone in the sound control panel, … but I’m not sure how to make sure the recording level is turned up. I’m on widows 8 on this new laptop and I hate it - can’t find my way round at all…so that makes things 100x more difficult!

ok. have now adjusted the mic levels to high (they were on lowest), and on the software I’m getting seemingly random red and green on the stereo boxes… but still nothing showing when I speak into the mic.

Not the stereo bars - the meter bars, sorry!

I’ve managed to sort it, thanks.

For the benefit of future forum users - how did you do that?