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I am interested in a Roland SPD-SX sampler which accepts 16 bit wav. Most sample libraries I have found are in 24 bit. Can audacity convert to 16 bit then be loaded into the SX ? if yes how is this done what is the process. thanks

Audacity can import 24-bit WAV files and export as a 16-bit WAV file. The new file will be a copy of the original, so you will still have the higher quality original.

If you have a lot of files to convert you will probably want to do this as a batch conversion.
Using Audacity 1.3.14:

  • Ensure that the files that you want to convert are all in the same folder and all have unique names.
  • “Edit menu > Preferences > Quality”. Set the “High Quality Conversion > Dither” to “None”.
  • “Edit menu > Preferences > Import/Export”. Deselect (un-check) “Show Metadata Editor prior to export step”
  • “File menu > Edit Chains”. Create a new chain and Insert the command “ExportWav”. (see here for more detail: )
  • “File menu > Apply Chain”. Select the new Chain that you created in the last step, then click on “Apply to Files…”
  • Select the files that you want to convert and click OK.

The converted files will be in a sub-directory of where the original files were. The folder will be called “cleaned”.

After the conversions are complete:

  • “Edit menu > Preferences > Quality” Set the “High Quality Conversion > Dither” to “Shaped”.