Newbie with urgent need for help!

I would normally spend a bit more time getting to grips with this, but I think it is something simple and I need help fast.

A guy sent me a song (stereo) and he has asked me to lay a sax line down for it.
So I have his stereo track (2 lines) at the top of the work space
I record my line - so a new audio line is opened and I have recorded my sax line.
Playback is good - so far so good.

I need either

  1. To save off his delivered track, and the my track as a separate line so he can do whatever he wants with it (reverb, fades…whatever) or
  2. Just save off my sax line so he can do whatever…

I have tried and treid but I just don’t know how to do it - I must be missing something or doing something stoopid!

Can someone please enlighten me, or tell me if I am trying to do the impossible

Many thanks

Select the Sax track by clicking just right of the up arrow. File > Export Selected Audio : WAV (Microsoft).

Do Not do production in MP3.

Don’t select anything and File > Export > Export as WAV (Microsoft). Audacity will smash everything together into one show.

Did that cover it?


Exporting multiple tracks (more than stereo) is quite a bit more involved. Best just send the parts.


Filename Hygiene is a good idea, too. Upper, lower, numbers, -dash- and underscore are the only allowed characters. Today is not 3/2/18. It’s 2018-03-02.

This suddenly becomes really important if you share work with multiple people not all on the same computer type you are.


Got it - thanks all - I already spent ages trying to figure this out - saved my bacon.

Just a quick rider - if I export both pieces of the music can I re-import them into Audacity to carry on working with the files?

Yes, totally. That’s the reason you’re using WAV instead of MP3.

You can also Save the work as an Audacity Project. If you do that, you can open up the show exactly where you left it with all the tracks intact. Note Projects do not save UNDO. So once you do that and close Audacity, you can’t go back.

There are some other Project rules. You get an AUP file and a_DATA folder. They have to stay together and you may not change their names.

It’s strongly recommended you Export stuff as WAV on occasion for protection. WAV files are hard to break.