Newbie trying to use Skype and Audacity

Hi Everyone,

After searching around this seems like the best place to ask. :wink:

I have an ASUS laptop and am trying to record a Skype chat but audacity isnt picking up both sides, just mine.

Laptop is ASUS X553M with Windows 10 installed. I have a Subzero USB mic.

I have set the WASAPI selected, MIc is set to USB. I only have mono as an option next to the USB check and speakers I only have the option Realtek High Definition Audio. Everything else works fine. I can hear all other sounds such as You tube, music and what not. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

We had a question about that a bit ago.

The short answer is you don’t. If it didn’t work with a simple setup on your machine it will probably never work. Post back if you figure out a way different from techniques in that post.