Newbie trying to share files - they won't open

Hi, I am a sound file newbie and am trying to have friend help me edit the recordings I have made. The first one is about 30 minutes long. She downloaded Audacity on her MAC, I have a PC. I shared files via Drop Box and she can not open them. I uploaded to drop box project files, & WAV files. How can I share my files with her so she can do the actual editing of my recordings? I plan to do about total ten recordings so want to get an easy system organized. Really appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you very much!

Audacity projects are not just single files. They are made up of a “project file” and then hundreds or thousands of bits of data in a “_data” folder. To open a project you need both the project file and the data folder and the two need to be kept together. See here for more information, including how to move them from one computer to another:

It’s probably best to just give her the WAV files, unless you’ve got a good reason for sharing project files.

She’s not having problems opening the WAV files, is she? WAV files are pretty foolproof (and a lot easier to share than Audacity projects).

this is great thank you! Apparently she could not open the WAV file either. I uploaded everything I could in any format I could. WAV was zipped up. However just added data files so maybe that was my problem?? I saw all the millions of bits and it has taken some time up upload to drop box. Next I hear back from her will let you guys know. Thank you!! Now… fingers crossed :confused: :confused: :confused:

The AUP file is the list of instructions that tell Audacity what to do with all the stuff in the _DATA folder. You can’t change the name of either one and they both have to be in the same location or folder to open. Just double click the AUP file.

this is great thank you! Apparently she could not open the WAV file either.

That’s not a good sign [“Jaw’s” theme song]. If she’s on Windows, she needs to know the icons for a Zip compressed file. It’s not going to say “” She knows to uncompress it, right?

We’re pleased you didn’t try to use MP3. It seems to be convenient and widely known, but MP3 creates sound damage and you can’t stop it.


Apparently she could not open the WAV file either.

That’s weird! How big is the WAV file? What’s the playing time? Are these multi-channel files or anything unusual, or are they just regular mono or stereo files?

Can you play the WAV with Windows Media Player. Can you open the WAV file in Audacity?

Well… it turns out you can not use a DOT in the file name. ?? My brilliant nephew straightened me out and did the editing in 2 shakes. The other woman flaked out. Thank goodness there are sound aficionados/experts who can help the likes of me. Thanks for your help guys. Audacity worked like a charm. Next step is to insert the WAV file into power point and set the timing for video… fingers crossed!

DVDDoug we have it all straightened out for now. thanks! May need more help at the next stage… :slight_smile: thanks!

The characters after the final dot in a file name tell Windows what type of file it is. If you add a dot in the file name, add another one at the end followed by the intended extension, such as .wav.