Newbie to Tascam DR-05 - Poor Quality Sound

I am trying to help a musician out with recording .wav files on our new DR-05. We are getting very poor quality sound on playback. At first we set the unit to record in MP3 and our playback sounded like our music was muffled and “under water”. So I reset the recorder to .wav and there was some improvement but nowhere near the CD quality we are expecting. I’m hoping to chat with someone very familiar with this recorder, as I either have a faulty unit or there are settings I am choosing incorrectly. Neither of us have technical experience so please no technical “talk”. I would be grateful for some prompt help with this, as we are working on getting some demo tracks to the USA to meet a deadline. :frowning:

We can Help, but I’m pretty sure nobody here has one.

How are you listening to the work? You are involving two different systems, record and playback.

Cut a 5 second stereo or ten second mono WAV segment and post it here so we can listen.

If you have a dropbox or other account, you can post longer works.

Are you recording on the DR-05? I’m pretty sure you can use it as a computer microphone which we would strongly discourage.


The clue in your posting may have been the bubbly audio. That sounds like a noise or environment removal setting. They typically work for voices and hate music.