Newbie this should be simple - but maybe I am :)

I have installed latest release of Audacity and have the song I want to edit loaded into the program.

Basically I would like to start at 44.6 seconds and stop at 2:10 seconds and be able to create a new track/file i.e. mp3 with just that selection played.

I have used the timer selection start and end at the bottom of the screen to mark my selection.

Cannot figure out how to take my selected time and export or save just that portion and create a new track with only that part in it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Screenshot attached…
Thank you,

audacity screenshot.bmp.jpg

select by clicking and dragging in the blue waveform and not in the timeline above it - or use the Audacity selection toolbar at the bottom of the window to set the required timings for selection

use File > Export Selection


Thanks a Million - waxcylinder - that worked first try… :slight_smile:

Now I can go back to enjoying my Sunday afternoon, instead of making music for a dance recital… :slight_smile:

Thank you again,


Another tip - in the image that you show, the selection is only in the Timeline because the track is not selected, but the track does have the yellow focus border.

When a track has the yellow focus border but is not selected, you can hit ENTER on your keyboard to select the track and thus move the existing selection into that track.