Newbie: Should I Amplify?

Extreme Newbie here :smiley:

I was writing a tool recently where I was capturing installers from pirate groups in order to write an article about the history.

I decided I would like to capture the audio, a bit of a pain as it is manual. So I am just running the installer and capture the sound then manually snip it after a loop.

Anyway that is all good, but I had a question about Amplify.

When I capture the audio in terms of the wave form, it seems to exist between -0.25 and +0.25

Eventually, I need to put a WAV and Image together at 1080 as mp4.

I just wondered, should I amplify this before I make the video or do I risk some form of audio loss?

Finally since I am capturing audio from a binary installer, is there any other tips to retain the best quality?

Thank you, and for Audacity too. The tool was instantly usable.

Digital amplification is not lossy. Of course amplification (digital or analog) also amplifies any background noise so it makes the noise more apparent.

I don’t exactly understand how you are “capturing”. The WASAPI loopback method is not lossy.