Newbie question...

So I have and hate ProTools… So I figured Audacity was the way to go… Love it so far, able to figure out most stuff on my own, and help is available in laymens terms…
However… in the “Tracks” pull down menu there is the option to “Add New”… however, when I do this and name it, and even make sure I have it selected in the workflow window… when I press record, Audacity creates an all new track… I can’t seem to figure out how to record to an existing track, blank or otherwise… Please Help !!!
Audacity 2.0.6

Traditional Audacity gives you Shift-R which will smash a new recording at the end of an existing track. Always the end. You can’t move it.

I believe (but have not tried this) you can select a position in the middle of an existing track and it will start recording there and cover up everything to the right. The Audacity version of Crash Record.

I gotta look that one up. That one is new in the last couple of versions.


I got it. If you select a position in the middle of an existing track, R will start a fresh, new track, but does it at your selected point in time.

You should be careful with this because Audacity will not export the blank before that new track. You have to put Silence in that hole to maintain, for example, musical timing.


This is all in 2.0.5, not 2.0.6. I really need to pull the new one down and install it.


“select” as in place cursor with the cursor tool? “R” as in just plain r or Shift-r?

Yes, press F1 to make sure you have Selection Tool, then drag a selection in the blue waves.


SHIFT + R will record at the end of the selected tracks, even if the selected track has only a partial selection.