Newbie question

My apologies for such a simple question, but I have reviewed the manual and forum and do need some help. I am running a new download of Audacity on a Windows 7 system. I have an 8 minute MP3 file, and I just want to delete the first 3.5 minutes. I can select it, but he “delete” function is grayed out in the Edit mode. What would the next step be. Thanks in advance.

You will lose the editing tools if you Paused Audacity instead of Stopping it.

Instead of trying to drag-select a portion by eye, you can use the time tools at the bottom of the frame.

However, it’s probably not a good idea to be doing this in Audacity at all. The way Audacity works decreases the sound quality if you want to export a similar size MP3 when you’re done. That and you have to add special software for Audacity to make a new MP3 at all.

Much better in a simple editing job like that to use MP3Splt

And there’s another one I gotta look up.




If you use MP3Splt you need to get the GTK version, unless you are comfortable typing out text at the command-line.