newbie question on usb audio recording

Hi All,

Apologies in advance for the silly beginners question!

I have a few synths plugged in through a mixer and I have…

  • Alesis I/O 2
  • Cubase LE
  • PC running Vista
  • Audacity 1.2.6

I record the midi tracks down in Cubase and then I use Audacity to record the audio and export to MP3.
(mainly as I play live over the tracks and mix in realtime)

This has worked fine but I am also now mixing audio vocal tracks with the MIDI in Cubase.

Everything plays back fine but now I can’t open Audacity if I have created an audio track in Cubase, so I can’t record the complete mix in one hit to Audacity.

as soon as I delete the Audio track Audacity can open and I can record audio again.

Is there any setup I can do to get round this or do I need to get an extra soundcard / USB audio device or is there a virtual option?

I’m on a pretty tight budget so not looking to fork out loads on any hadrware if I can help it!

grateful for any guidance on this!


is there a virtual option?

There may be a software solution. Download and install Audacity 1.3. Audacity 1.2 does not play well with Vista/Win7.


Like Koz said you should be using Audacity 1.3.14 (latest version). Audacity 1.2.x series are now obselete and have a lot of issues with Vista and Windows 7.

You can get the latest audacity version from here:

This tutorial should help you too:


thanks for the feedback guys, I’ll download the latest version and have a read of the links and see what happens!