Newbie question on electric piano/organ effect

Hello all,

I’ve been slowly getting to grips with audacity in the last couple of months and would like to ask advice about the best way to record electric piano with effects.

I run audacity on a Macbook Pro, recording via the Alesis io2 external usb soundcard connected to microphones or sometimes by connecting bass guitar directly into this device. So far I am delighted that I’ve been able to make multi-track recordings of surprisingly good quality at home, even adding basic drum loops using one of the nyquist plugins that I downloaded.

Now I would like to add electric piano tracks to certain recordings, specifically with 60’s rock style organ effect. Think along the lines of this beatles tune

I have a yamaha electric piano with both midi/line-out/mic-out ports. How best to add effects to the output from this instrument for recording while listening to previously laid-down tracks?? I have none of the cables for connecting piano to usb sound card so will need to invest and would like to be sure before wasting my hard-earned cash :wink:

Many thanks in advance for your advice!


Which MacBook Pro and how old? Does it have connections like this?

If it does you can use a straight whatever-the-keyboard is to 1/8" Stereo. Plug the 1/8" stereo into the thin black circle with two black arrows. That’s the Built-In Line-In in Mac System Preferences.

If you need to use the Alesis io2, the connections will be a little magic. How does the keyboard connect? I mean exactly, or include the model numbers or web site.