Newbie Question: My records are with sharp sound

In the firs time, sorry for my english.
I use audacity in Linux Mint 13 Mate.

Well, when I recorded sounds (sound in web, or in VLC…) the sounds are record with sharp sound or pitched sound or skirl (sorry, for this I use google traductor).

For explained, my records are with like I are in in a small room, not low volume, the record its skirl sound, in other words, like sound smurf (sorry for this comparison, but can not explain better what kind of sound is).

I try change preferences, byt the problem not solved.

Thanks for your attention and help!!

Please attach a WAV file a few seconds long so we can hear the problem. See here for how to attach files .

Please tell us exactly how you are connecting the turntable to the computer. You should connect the turntable through an RIAA pre-amplifier or “music centre”, not direct to the turntable. Then connect the amplifier or music centre to the computer line-in (blue), not to the computer microphone input (pink).

Please tell us whether you are on Windows XP, Linux Ubuntu 11.04 or what system it is. It would be better to have followed the instructions at the top of this forum and posted to the correct board for your operating system.


In the first time, sorry for much delay in answering, I was can solved the issue and forget to answer, please forgive me for this extremely long delay, a million apologies.

Well the problem was, I can try to record sound by music pc, not pre-amplifier, music played through a web page.

The wav file I can’t attach because I lost the file.

I view that, if my config audio of my operating system, If I mark a input line, I was have this problem.

If I changed the config for not mark any input file, the problem was solved.
Only configured and mark the output line, but not mark or click the input line, in this mode, record fine.

I use Linux Mint 13 mate x64.

Do not know if my explanation is explanatory, I will try to reproduce this problem, write them on video so you can see better what I’m trying to explain.

Thank you very much for your attention and help and quick answer, not for me, I’ve taken months to answer :blush: , I reiterate my huge apologies for that.

Take this email to congratulate you for this great program, I used to work with another audio program on another operating system, and I’ve had a huge and pleasant surprise to find this program, my sincere congratulations.

Thanks for the reply - much better late than never :wink:

I don’t really understand what you mean though. So if you have some time to explain, it may help others. Linux Mint is quite popular but sometimes there are strange audio problems that only seem to occur on Linux Mint.