newbie question- Is there hot-key to delete recorded audio without delete the track?


Can someone please let me know if version 2.2.2 for Windows has a hot key to delete recorded audio without delete the track?

I open a new track to record a solo. Currently I have to delete the track and re-add it if I want to re-record the solo. It would be handy if there is a hot key for deleting the recorded solo, so I can re-record it on the same track.

Thanks & regards,

“Ctrl + Z” to undo the last command.
You don’t have to manually add a track before recording into it. Just press “Shift + R”.

You can also delete selected audio with the “Del” key.

To select all audio in the track that has focus (the track with a yellow border):
“Ctrl + Shift + A” to deselect all other tracks (if any other tracks are selected)
“Enter” to select the current track (if it is not already selected)
“J” to move the cursor to the start of the track
“Shift + K” to select to the end of the track.

Thanks so much for the information, Steve.

It helps a lot, and make it much easier to use the tool.