Newbie problem: can only import audios as mono

Hi. I have used Audacity in the past and not had this issue, but I was using a different format of audios. I record 2-person audio conversations (sessions) on Zoom and the recordings I want to edit are in m4a format. I downloaded the latest versions Lame and ffmpeg and can easily open the audio files in Audacity, but they import as Mono: there’s no way to split channels, which is important as part of my editing process (isolating the 2 voices). Any suggestions on how I can import the original file as stereo? Is that possible? Thanks.

Do you have Audacity set for stereo?

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices.

The two device toolbars in the main screen should also say stereo.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 20.04.07.png

Any luck?

Which Zoom? I thought my Zoom would deliver WAV. That’s a much better idea than lower quality, compressed M4A.

If both people are in the same room in your house, individual corrections are going to be limited. Each microphone picks up the room echoes of the other. We can’t fix that.


Hi Koz, thanks for the reply.

Yes, the Audacity device preference is set for stereo.

I have the latest version of Zoom. I use it to record sessions over the Internet, so I’m never in the same room with the persons I’m speaking with. The recordings are always in m4a, m3u or mp4 format. None of the can import to Audacity in stereo.

This may be a Zoom issue, which I’ll look into.

By the way, I have the latest version of Audacity and am using Windows 10.

Thank you!