Newbie - please help

Hi All,

I hope you can help…

I am new here and have several questions. My objective is to create an audio tape or CD for my students. I am a flight instructor here in Wisconsin. We utilize an ATC Flight Simulator that is FAA approved for Instrument Instruction. Being that it is analog by nature, we are adding select instrument approaches throughout the world for students to fly. The standard instrument approaches that come with the ATC 610 flight simulator feature audio tapes which feature the sounds of air traffic controllers giving instructions. The object is for the student be interactive with the audio by coping down a clearance and following the instructions given to them by the controller speaking on the tape.

This is what we would like to do - can these be accomplished by using the Audacity 1.2.6?

  1. Record a background noise for the entire length of the recording, (probably 45 minutes). - like a low groaning engine noise, and the voice of an air traffic controller giving other aircraft their respective clearance instructions.
  2. Record on top of the engine noise, the voice of an Air Traffic Controller giving the student their clearance instructions.

I have been to Text To Speech websites and have found ways to generate speech for the controllers voice and other aircraft voices. How can I input those into Audacity? Do I record the text to speech on a separate recorder then input that into Audacity? Can anyone walk me through it?


It all sounds very possible.

I would suggest using Audacity 1.3 rather than 1.2.6 (which is now very old).

Anything audio that you already have on your computer can be imported directly into Audacity provided that it is in a supported format (WAV format recommended).

Depending on your computer hardware you may be able to record the output of a text to speech application directly into Audacity. See here:


you may find it helpful to look at the Tips and Tutorials for Audacity on the Wiki - you will find the link at the top of the forum page (i.e. this page) in the header. You should find some helpful hints and techniqes to help you get started.