Newbie--Please Help Cleaning Simple Voice Tracks

Hey, guys (and gals). Just downloaded the latest version, I started on the tutorials, and after an hour, I made progress doing some test voice tracks. However, I’m not too thrilled with the final results, so maybe you can help me. Here’s the deal:

  1. I’m going to be making a bunch of 10 to 30 second voice tracks, all with the identical specs. (By a bunch, maybe 50 to 100.) They will be exported to MP3 as individual files, and played in turn as the voice of a puppet. These will be played through a MONO guitar amp, so I don’t want or need stereo.

  2. Every one will have an identical pitch change to a higher pitch.

  3. I have hooked into my laptop a Telex M-560 USB mike. I also have a pair of headphones for playback, but I’m only hearing them out of one side/channel. I guess because I’m recording in mono.

  4. I seem to be getting a kind of very low echo/phasing on my test tracks, and I’m not getting what you would call a full studio mike sound—which I understand, because it’s a cheap USB mike. But is there anything I can do to the mike to get more bottom out of it whilerecording, and not just in post processing? I know this is a vague explanation, but here’s a screen shot of my settings:

Note how my speakers indicate the name of my MIKE, and the only other option there is Microsoft Sound Mapper. (Windows 7.) And notice how my mike input level is at its highest.

I may be getting that echoing because of room echoing, so I’ll try to arrange my set-up where I can best get this done. (My closet? Or a towel over my head while recording? I tried the towel, but it won’t be feasible doing a hundred tracks.)

I have regular microphones but I don’t have a mixer, so I think that’s out then, correct?

Any advice you can give me in recording mode, or post-processing, to improve the sound would be greatly appreciated. And it’s also possible that what I have now is close to okay once I put it through decent amplification equipment, but I want to get it good out of the computer first.

Thanks a million for your time and assistance!


Please attach a sample file of what the problem sounds like: .

Have you turned off Windows sound enhancements: ?