Newbie on the forum. Need some mic help please.

I just got a Shure SM58 mic, and I had to add an adpater to plug the big part into the female part for the jack on my com. The only problem is, it will only record in one speaker in stereo. It does both in mono, but I really need it in stereo. I really don’t know what to do. I use the same mic on myspace karaoke an it records fine, through both speakers, but for some reason, it wont work with Audacity…Is there any settings or anything someone can help me with?

I have Sygma Tel audio installed. When I try to open up the control panel of it, i get nothing but an advanced button with a check mark option. I get no options lol. Any help would be awesome! Thanks

It is only one sound device, so it really only produces one sound channel. Most sound cards that record a microphone put it on both channels because that’s what most people want. I’m surprised your computer doesn’t do that.

The quick as a bunny work-around is record it in stereo, split the tracks, copy/paste the live performance channel into the silent channel and recombine in stereo.

Dig around in the Windows control panels. I swear there’s a setting that covers this.

Windows Control Panel