Newbie on Audacity

Hi. I hope someone can help! I’m using a scarlett solo with it. Managed to drag and drop a drum track into it, but when I try to record a guitar part I’m getting a delay effect from my left to right headphone ( but only when I hit recordand doesn’t play back that way). Also, should I be using a mono track or stereo to record guitar? And… now when I hit record it just seems to want to record on the end of drum track rather than on the dedicated track… getting frustrated!! Any help much appreciated!!

To record on a new track, (rather than append), go to Audacity preferences, Recording, and tick that box …

By default, the Record button (shortcut “R”) records onto the end of the current track. “Shift + Record button” (or “Shift + R”) records to a new track.

Alternatively you can change the default behaviour as described by Trebor.