newbie on audacity

hey guys I’m trying to record some music with this program. I record on track say bass and vocals then I try to record the guitar parts. But the second track picks up the bass and vocals putting my guitar hardly hearable. I’m using a micophone I was using a mp3 recorder and transfering the files to audacity but I could get the tracks insync at all. They had so much lag. thanks guys

Sound Layering is certainly possible in Audacity and people do it all the time. However, apparently nobody stopped long enough to write down how they did it. You can search this forum or go down the lists under Tips and Tutorials at the top of this page.

I can tell you exact what’s happening, but not how to fix it. You can adjust Windows Control Panels to not only let you hear the old tracks so you can accurately add a new one, but to re-record the old tracks on top of your new performance. This doubles the volume of the original tracks and will keep happening each new track you lay down until you fix it…somehow.

Windows Control Panel

Windows allows recursive sound pathways. The up side is the ability to directly record internet shows. You are experiencing the down side. Macs have never been able to do this and the newer PCs can’t, either.


Hey thanks the only problem is alot of the window pictures in the post my lap top doesn’t have any of the features like the usb audio setting. I’m a standard lap top mic. This is very confusing and I have never done this before. I just want to record a layed track its getting so nerve wrecking. I tried recording on a mp3 player first and putting it on audacity. But then the second mp3 track was always off. I think my sound card might be bad or something. I can only pick the reltek hd on everything… :blush: :angry: