Newbie needs some advice on settings

So, I’m using an Audio Technica 120 USB turntable to transfer my vinyl I’m a complete newb to this, but not unfamiliar with audio. I’ve read the FAQs, and can’t find a simple answer to my problem, so I figure I can’t be the first and I’ll seek help here, so here goes …

I’m trying to accomplish the following …

  1. transfer my vinyl to FLAC files for archiving, and play back in the house, where I have essentially unlimited disk storage (Terabytes), and good computer and audio facilities.

  2. export AAC versions for use in iPod/iPad when travelling. Again would like the “best” quality possible.

My first few attempts resulted in messages telling me that the initial bitrates and requested compression rates didn’t “match” and I can’t seem to find any good information on which combinations are ideal.

Any help/advice appreciated


People who use the words “Best” and “Unlimited” also tend to transfer and capture work using astronomically high sampling or bit rates or both. While this can be very good for live performances where you’re going to stay high quality and do extensive editing and effects, many compressed and advanced formats won’t directly support that.

I bet if you walked up to all those formats with a 44100, 16-bit, Stereo show, they would all work fine. Probably 48000, 16-bit, stereo as well. That would be Music CD and Television sound standards resp.

I think it’s a very good bet that’s what’s happening.


You’re probably right, for the most part. However, one thing I was explicitly looking for was better than music CD, since it is far from great sound. Mostly what I’m seeking is no degradation of the original recording for the FLAC versions. I can live with standard CD quality on my exports for iPod.

I don’t know off the top of my head, but Google FLAC and I bet it doesn’t support very high sound standards, or it might, but not in the version that Audacity has access to. There is always that problem. For example, the Lame version used in Audacity is an enormously reduced version of the original. When used on the command line instead of a pre-baked tool, the instructions and options go for pages.


Does it really say that? I suspect it says that the project sample rate and bit rate are not supported by the file format.

Choose the maximum sample rate offered in that dialogue. And if you care about resampling (which is lossy), record at the rate you choose from that dialogue.


Gale, you’re exactly right. Thanx I’ll try your suggestion.