Newbie needs help

How can i take an MP# song & just copy the first 90 seconds to burn to CD ?

You probably should not do that in Audacity. You can do it in Audacity, but it will increase the compression sound damage if you do, and you also have to add the LAME software package.

You should use one of the MP3-only editors that are a lot better behaved.

Audacity doesn’t burn CDs. To make an Audio CD, you need an Audio CD Authoring program like iTunes or Windows Media.


How do i do it with MP3 Split.
Any step by step instructions appricated.

How do i do it with MP3 Split.

That’s a Windows tool and I’m a Mac elf. We should wait for one of the Windows people to comment.


Moderator note: I’s also not an Audacity question so falls outside the remit of this forum …

I note from following the link that Koz provided that the screen image on the Mp3splt homepage shows a “Help” menu item . I would suggest that you investigate that for help on that particular application.

They also provide user documentation; there is a link in the left hand menu bar of their webpage …


MP3splt is not a Windows-only tool, it’s for Mac and Linux too.

But as I said before, I discourage linking direct to . I then get users PM’ing me because they don’t realise from that very unclear page that you need mp3splt-gtk to get the interface version of the tool, otherwise it’s a command-line tool.

Please link here for MP3 direct editors instead: .