Newbie needs help with trimming [SOLVED]

I am using the software for the first time, and have the online help open. I am following the steps, but they don’t work. So I’m wondering what the situation might be where the Edit>Remove Special dropdown is grayed out after I’ve done everything the instructions say.

I’m simply trying to trim an existing MP3 down to 35 seconds. I click and shift-clicked to highlight the portion I need to keep, and tried to trim it. No dice. So I tried to highlight the area I wanted to remove, and the dropdown is still grayed out. CTRL+X doesn’t work either.

Is there a switch I need to flip that the instructions don’t mention, or I overlooked? Please advise.


Ensure that playback is Stopped and not Paused (click the “Stop” button)

Thanks - that’s exactly what the problem was.