Newbie needs help getting drop out msg

I am using 3,2,1 Audacity Windows 10/11
connected to Focusrite Scarlette 4/4 usb connection
When I try to record with guitar and a 48v mic hooked up it runs for about 10 secs then I get the drop out msg.
As far as I know nothing is running in the background
and I believe I am recording to my D drive which has plenty of room
Can someone explain in simple terms what and where I should look to fix. Thanks :question:

As far as I know nothing is running in the background

Unfortunately, the operating system is ALWAYS multitasking even when you’re only running one application.

On my computer I just have the browser open and Windows Task Manager is showing 44 “background processes” and a lot are duplicated so I’m counting more than 100! I’m not even sure if that includes everything, like monitoring the keyboard & mouse and keeping the monitor updated, etc.

Hopefully, someone can give you some quick-suggestions to try but if not there is a program called [u]LatencyMon[/u] that can help track-down whatever is interrupting or hogging your system. (The “home version” is free.)

And there is a free online book about optimizing your computer for audio called [u]Glitch Free[/u].

thanks for the quick reply and very interesting and useful information
I read most of the book you mentioned and downloaded the load program.
I made some adjustments per the book and I will give it a go tomorrow to see if any of the changes will make the drop out stop.
Thanks again