Newbie needs help ASAP!

Hello Audacity Forum Members,

I just downloaded Audacity and need help clipping a sample of a song. I imported an mp3 from my iTunes library with no issues. I am trying to clip the fist 14 seconds of the song Heavy by Collective Soul. Once I have it clipped I eventually need to change the clip to “Mono” since it will eventually be used on my Roland SPD-SX Sampling Drum Pad. Can someone please provide guidance on the steps to get the sample “clipped” and then transformed to “Mono”?

There is a sense of urgency here in that I have band practice tomorrow. Please help ASAP!

Thank you in advance!

Open the mp3 into Audacity , ( you can do that via drag-n-drop ).
Click on “Tracks” menu , chose the option “Stereo track to mono”.
Select the first 14 seconds of your (now mono) track, then click on “File” menu and chose “Export selected audio” , to export (save) the 14 second clip as separate audio-file.

I suspect you’ll have to export in WAV* format , (not mp3 format) , for the Roland device to play the audio file.

[ * 16-bit WAV ? ]


THANK YOU very much for responding and doing so so quickly. This was a BIG help for a NEWBIE to Audacity.