Newbie needs help... 48K WAV?


I do voice overs and up until now all my customers have wanted their files in MP3 format. I have a new request for a file export in “48K WAV” is there a setting for this?

Sorry for the ignorance. Appreciative of any help/advice.

You can change the sampling rate with the little window at the bottom left of the Audacity work surface. The default is 44100 which is the sampling rate of an Audio CD. 48000 is an old friend. That’s the video sampling rate. A lot of my voice recordings went to the video people, so almost all of my stuff is 48000.

File > Export > Export as WAV > Save As: … Save.

If you’re on a Mac, you can right-click or control-tap the file > Get INFO. Somewhere down the INFO panel under More INFO, it will tell you what you have.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.16.40.png