I am getting ready to start converting my old LP’s to digital. I had some expirence with cassettes and was not happy due to the quality of the cassettes & deck.
I have an old turntable with RCA jacks that will connect to my sound card.
However I am aware of the new USB turntables on the market. Has anyone upgraded from the old style RCA jack turntables to the newer USB type? And if so what was the difference?

All I realy want to do to start is get my old LPs on my computer. That being said could any of you old hands advise on my above question and make a suggestion on the USB brands/models if they are that much better.

Thanking you in advance…

It is likely that your old turntable may be higher quality than the USB decks that are available - most of them are a little lightweiht (and so you can get a bit of wow&flutter).

You should not just connect your deck straight to your soundcard - unless the deck has its own in-built pre-amp. You would need to connect the TT to a pre-amp or a hi-fi amp into the phono input - this input will have circuitry which will apply the necessary RIAA equalisation. Given that you have and old TT I assume that it’s likely that you may have an old hi-fi amp to connect it to. I would take the output from the amp from the any RECORD Out sockets that the amp may have (tape etc.) and feed that to the souncard. The amp should also give you control over the gain/volume output to the PC.

I actually started the same process as you with a USB deck - the ION ITTUSB - it gave some good results, but on some recordings it gave far too much wow&flutter. So I dragged mu old TT and amp out of the attic - and invested in a new external soundcard (I bought the Edirol UA-1EX - also looked at the Behringer UCA202, cheaper but less features). With this setup I have more desk clutter - but I get much better results.